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Who We Are

From the beginnings of jazz, Indiana, and Bloomington in particular, have played a pivotal role in the music’s development. From Bix and Hoagy in the ’20s to the stalwarts of today’s burgeoning scene, Bloomington has always had tremendous talent and an appreciative audience for America’s native art music. Recently there have been many exciting developments on the Bloomington scene. The opening of the Buskirk-Chumley Theater increased student interest in jazz on the IU campus and a flurry of independently sponsored jazz events in the community indicates a healthy and growing climate. The time is right for an organization that will encourage and support all styles of jazz, work hard at audience development and education, seek funding for jazz from philanthropic and government sources, encourage communication and cooperation within the jazz community, and advocate increased artistic and financial health for the area’s artists and presenters.

Officers and standing committees
Executive Board for 2002–03
President: Pat Harbison,4790 N. Benton Dr., Bloomington, IN 47408 [email protected]
Vice-president: Paul Spade [email protected]
Secretary: Kristin Harbison [email protected]
Treasurer: Rich Pierce [email protected]
Past-president: Monika Herzig [email protected]

Standing committees, with their 2002–03 chairs
Booking: Monika Herzig [email protected]
Communication: Paul Spade [email protected]
Education and Outreach: Lissa May [email protected]
Funding and Development: Lew Polsgrove [email protected]
Hospitality and Volunteers: Anna Metzger [email protected] and Amy Birnbaum [email protected]
Membership: Tom Walsh [email protected]
Production: Ric Heeter [email protected]
Publicity: David Miller [email protected]
Ticketed Events: Bob Austin [email protected]

Last updated: May 16, 2003